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We are a sport psychology consultancy service that uses up to date, evidence-based sport psychology literature to create interventions to help give you and your team the edge when it comes to performance. Whether that’s coping better with nerves during the business end of the season; setting markers to hit that elusive PB or just wanting to get more enjoyment out of your sport, we will work closely with you to tailor-make an intervention focused on your goals!


Here at GT Sport Psychology, we believe that athletes should be treated as people first and athletes second. We value a holistic (all-round) approach whereby the skills learnt within our sport psychology sessions can be adapted and used in wider life such as aiding with school and exam pressure, dealing with work/life balance, and improving your confidence with public speaking. 

We work with athletes, parents and coaches and can offer both 1-1 individual consultancy sessions, and group based sessions to suit your needs. As well as sport, we also work within other performance domains, such as businesses and the performing arts.



For more information, or to discuss the support you require, please get in contact for a free initial consultation! 


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